Summer School Reykjavik 2020

Last year’s Summer School was held in Reykjavik, Iceland in cooperation with the University of Iceland and other local and international partners. The sessions focused on the theme of ‘Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability: Preparing for Transition’. Technology and Innovation have already brought many changes to the job marketplace, leading to a disruption of the skills that are needed. Not only is this happening now, but it is happening rapidly, and it is continuing to evolve on a near daily basis with the introduction of robotic automation, technical innovations and digitalisation set to cost millions of jobs worldwide. The International Youth Summer School in Iceland helped to prepare young adults for the changes that are pending now and likely in the future. We learned and analysed the most influential trends in the development of the different areas in global society and what the outline of skills, education and training for sustainable future global development will be. We also studied how to avoid becoming an obsolete figure in an ever-developing world and explored new ways to ensure that the role of young adults as working professionals remains sustainable.