Youth Time Inspirational stories

As these success stories show, YTIM’s positive influence isn’t restricted to just those who attend our events, but leads to helping, inspiring and provides further opportunities to thousands of youth across the world. As an NGO we rely heavily on the generous and loyal contributions from all partners, sponsors, speakers, participants, and volunteers to be able to remain a critical influence and we value all in the highest regard. The more support we get, the more youth we can inspire to make a positive impact to the world and their communities.

Aurelia Abena Attipoe, Ghana

Youth Time Idea Grant winner 2017

The Pitch Hub helps to equip unemployed youth with skills for their entrepreneurial ventures. In Ghana, almost 50% of young people under 25 years old are unemployed. In one year, the Hub organised 25 training sessions, educated 320 trainees, started 15 partnerships and raised for business $10,000. Since winning the Idea Grant the Pitch Hub has gone on to train over 1000 people, many of which have gone on to start their own businesses, creating further job opportunities for people.

Shinelle Bayrd

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center initiative targeted on improvement of the overall physical,
mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing of people in Guyana, the country with the highest suicide rate among youth in the world. Now they organize Social Media campaigns, Awareness activities, Alternative Therapy Sessions, different Support Groups and several trainings.


Founder IYSERT

With the Youth Global Forum 2018 just around the corner, Youth Time International Movement begins to interview experts who will be travelling from all over the globe to share their knowledge and ideas cultural experiences with participants at the event.

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Olga Lakhnova

Youth Time Idea Grant winner 2016

Senior to Junior project aimed to improve two important social issues, isolation of elderly people and education of children and youth. Therefore, Olga created a social club in Moscow where local retirees were able to use their knowledge for good by educating children and youth through one-on-one instruction or in “classes” consisting of small groups. This helped elderly people to fight isolation and at the same time gave children the opportunity to obtain additional education for free.

Taulant Hoxha

Rhodes Forum Idea Grant winner 2013

Eventor Hub supported unprivileged young people, who have no support to get an education, or to start socially driven ventures. Co-working space was created with the aim of providing to students and youth needed information for different opportunities all over the world, organizing change-making events, educational activities and start-up & career consulting and advisory.